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The Collective Intentionality IX conference was held at the Indiana Memorial Union at Indiana University, Bloomington, 10-13 September 2014. The conference featured four plenary speakers (see below) and four symposia on Distributed Cognition, the Evolution of Cooperation, Michael Bratman's book Shared Agency: A Planning Theory of Acting Together, and Explanation of Social Action.

Collective intentionality is the study of intentionality in the social context. It subsumes the study of collective action, responsibility, reasoning, thought, intention, emotion, decision-making, knowledge, trust, cooperation, competition, and related issues, and also how these underpin social practices, organizations, institutions and social ontology. It is a rapidly growing interdisciplinary area of research that draws on philosophy, psychology, logic, linguistics, cognitive science, sociology, computer science, economics, political science, legal theory, and cultural and evolutionary anthropology. Past conferences have been held at Manchester (2012), Basel (2010), Berkeley (2008), Helsinki (2006), Siena (2004), Rotterdam (2002), Leipzig (2000), and Munich (1999). These have become large-scale interdisciplinary conferences with a strong concentration in philosophy.

Plenary Speakers

Robert Boyd (Arizona State)
Jennifer Lackey (Northwestern)
Elisabeth Pacherie (Jean Nicod Institute, Paris)
John Searle (UC Berkeley)


Collective Intentionality IX was made possible by generous support from the College of Arts and Humanities Institute (CAHI), the Vincent and Elinor Ostrom Workshop in Political Theory and Policy Analysis, the College of Arts and Sciences, the Cognitive Science Society, the Philosophy Department, the Cognitive Science Program, the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences, and the Department of Anthropology at Indiana University. The conference organizers express their deepest appreciation for the support of these institutions, without which this conference would not have been possible.