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Restaurants in Bloomington

Kirkwood Avenue is a main street leading from campus to downtown Bloomington. Along Kirkwood you will find many casual eating options, as well as around or on the square downtown (five blocks west of campus along Kirkwood). 4th Street is renowned for its unusual and unusually large selection of ethnic restaurants – Indian, Italian, Moroccan, Thai, Burmese, Mexican, Cajun, Korean and Tibetan cuisine. Downtown Bloomington offers a variety of eateries ranging from California-style coffee shops to sports bars to cafes to a long-standing Greek restaurant.

A (long) list of restaurants (of all varieties) in Bloomington can be found here. A list of 25 local independent restaurants in the downtown area is available here and a longer list here.

Here are some more specific suggestions all within walking distance of the IMU (and a map):

A bit further off but a favorite: Feast.

For espresso, chocolates, and macarons, Blu Boy is not to be missed. Other local coffee houses are SOMA and The Pourhouse. There is a Starbucks in the IMU but the nicer place to hang out is the Starbucks on Indiana Avenue. For cocktails try Serendipty or The Rail. For beer: Crazy Horse.