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Conference Schedule

The conference schedule is availble here. A book of abstracts for presentations is available here, and for symposia here. The conference began on the afternoon of Wednesday, September 10th, and ran through the full day on Saturday, September 13th. The conference banquet was held on Friday evening, and the party on Saturday evening at Kirk Ludwig's house. The following addresses and symposia were organized.

Plenary Talks
Robert Boyd (Arizona State)
Jennifer Lackey (Northwestern)
Elisabeth Pacherie (Jean Nicod Institute)
John Searle (UC Berkeley)*

Symposium on Socially Extended Minds
Colin Allen (Indiana) | Robert Goldstone (Indiana) | Mattia Gallotti (London) | Bryce Huebner (Georgetown) | John Sutton (Macquarie) | Deborah Tollefsen (Memphis)

Symposium on Explanation of Social Action
Abe Roth (Ohio State) | Michael Schmitz (Vienna) | Raimo Tuomela (Helsinki and Munich) | Christopher Woodard (Nottingham)

Symposium on M. Bratman's book Shared Agency: A Planning Theory of Acting Together
Björn Peterssen (Lund) | Abe Roth (Ohio State) | Elisabeth Pacherie (Jean Nicod Institute) | Michael Bratman (Stanford)

Symposium on Evolution of Cooperation
Jillian Jordan (Yale) | Robert Kurzban (University of Pennsylvania) | Sarah Mathew (Arizona State) | Alan Sanfey (University of Arizona)

* John Searle was an IU Patten Lecturer during the week of September 8th to September 12th, and gave two public lectures on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 7:30pm in Presidents Hall in Franklin Hall, north of the Sample Gates at the west entrance to the campus at the foot of Kirkwood Avenue.