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Travel to Bloomington

The nearest commercial airport is the Indianapolis International Airport (IND).

The Indianapolis International Airport's Ground Transportation Center (GTC) is located on Level 1 of the Parking Garage.

To get from the airport to Bloomington (and back), you can

If you rent a car at the airport, see the 'Airport-Hotel' link to the right for the route to the hotel. It may be cheaper to rent for the whole period and return it to the airport than to rent one way x 2. Rental car companies charge a lot if they think you are going to take a car from a high use area and leave it in a low use area (IND to Bloomington one-way tends to be expensive).

If you are driving to Bloomington but not from the airport, you can plot a route using Google or use the gadget provided by the Indiana Memorial Union. 

Parking at the Indiana Memorial Union in lots 1 and 2 is free for guests staying at the Biddle Hotel. Lot 1 is immediately to the east of the entrance to the hotel lobby, and lot 2 is across 7th street to the north. Park in lot 1 (check the map) when you arrive and request a parking pass at check-in.

You can walk most places you'd want to go in Bloomington. However, if you need to get further afield and don't have a car, City and campus bus service is available.