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Bloomington Campus and Surrounding Area

The conference venue is located close to downtown Bloomington, Indiana, about 50 miles south of Indianapolis, Indiana. A comprehensive Bloomington Visitor’s Guide will be included with your conference check-in materials.


The IU Bloomington campus is a magnificent blend of traditional and modern architecture set in a landscaped environment. Walkways meander alongside streams, through woods and along tree lined paths. We invite you to preview some of the scenes that await you by taking a campus tour.

Culturally Rich IU

Bloomington’s cultural offerings will surprise you with an impressive art museum, a full opera and symphony season, a non-circulating library of rare books and manuscripts and a museum of world culture….and that is just on the campus. The community of Bloomington is alive with art and music – international, classical, jazz, bluegrass, early and popular music. To obtain information about events which are occurring during the meeting, check the Events Calendar.

Local Time and Weather

Bloomington is located in the Eastern Time Zone. At the time of the symposium, Bloomington will be operating on Eastern Daylight Time, the same time as New York City and the East Coast of the United States, and one hour ahead of Chicago. May weather can be variable with daytime temperature in the mid 60’s to low 70’s and nights in the mid to upper 50’s. It is also a time of year where some rainfall can be expected. Indoor meeting rooms are air-conditioned and often require a light sweater or jacket.

Dining in Bloomington

There are many pleasant pubs, restaurants and coffee houses located a short walking distance from campus. See Restaurants for more information and links.