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The sixth annual Midwest Epistemology Workshop was held at the Indiana Memorial Union at Indiana University, Bloomington, September 28-29th, 2012. The workshop consisted of seven nonconcurrent sessions with 40 minutes for the presentation followed by 40 minutes of discussion, plus a keynote address. There were over seventy participants in the workshop.

The Midwest Epistemology Workshop (MEW) aims to advance interest in epistemology by organizing an annual workshop for the presentation and discussion of current work in the field. MEW also aims to establish a sense of community among epistemologists in the region that stimulates new research, improves its quality, and facilitates its dissemination. All philosophers with an interest in epistemology are invited and encouraged to attend.

Keynote Address

Jim Pryor (New York University)

Invited Speakers

Maria Lasonen Aarnio (University of Michigan)
Aaron Bronfman (University of Nebraska)
Gary Ebbs (Indiana University)
Evan Fales (University of Iowa)
Jack Lyons (University of Arkansas)
Roy Sorensen (Washington University, St. Louis)
Brian Weatherson (University of Michigan)

The sixth annual Midwest Epistemology Workshop was made possible by generous support from the College of Arts and Humanities Institute (CAHI) and the Philosophy Department at Indiana University.